Who is ultimately in charge?

Author Maya Meltsner

The Consequences of the Slash

The poster presentations were a nice wrap up to the course because they provided even more examples of the multitudes of ways in which the slash between Human/Nature can be interpreted. I was impressed by the variety of ideas and… Continue Reading →

Cyborgs, Today and Tomorrow

One idea that I found interesting in this week’s lecture was Roger Launius’ suggestion that we are already well on our way towards becoming cyborgs. I had not previously considered that glasses, medications, and hip replacements change humans to the… Continue Reading →

The Digital Manipulation of Beauty

I thought Professor Sheehan’s lecture was fascinating because the material it covered is so pertinent in our society today. Although admittedly some of the content about the lengths to which people go to change their looks through cosmetic plastic surgery… Continue Reading →

Taking the “Anthro” Out of Anthropocene

This week’s lecture made me think about the anthropocentrism involved in even talking about the Anthropocene. We, humans, are discussing our impact on the natural world in this new geologic age characterized by human innovation and manipulation. The mere fact… Continue Reading →

Nature in the Atomic Age

One aspect of this week’s lecture that struck me was how much the work of the Italian poets in the 1960s reflected the time they were living in. Their poetry contained a lot of post-apocalyptic imagery, a response to the… Continue Reading →

Magical Manipulation

The practice of magic in antiquity is an interesting manipulation of nature. I had never considered that magic is a way of dominating nature. However, it makes sense. Casting spells, in theory, can change people and nature. I thought it… Continue Reading →

Now v. Then

I thought looking at Charles Traub’s Lunchtime collection was interesting because the people on the streets in the 1970s and 1980s do not look all that different from the people on the streets today. Although the clothing and hairstyles captured… Continue Reading →

Futurism in the Modern World

Although some of the Futurist’s ideas were extreme, I think it is interesting how some of their concepts have translated into modern times. The Futurists glorified violence and industrial warfare, even after experiencing the carnage of World War I. Similarly,… Continue Reading →

Thinking from New Perspectives

I really enjoyed that both of this week’s lectures caused me to think about things I normally don’t contemplate. For instance, like most people, I take the concept of refrigeration for granted. While I am tangentially aware of the changes… Continue Reading →

The Reality of Religious Paintings

This week’s lecture caused me to question the nature of religious reality with regards to painted portrayals of religious events. Part of mimesis, the portrayal of the natural world through a medium such as painting, has something to do with… Continue Reading →

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