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Plastic Surgery….?

Tanya Sheehan spoke on plastic surgery, and its relationship with art and human nature, and the interaction between them all. Her first image was a self-portrait of an artist before she undergoes plastic surgery. This all naturally led to the… Continue Reading →

Refrigerators and the Natural World

It is interesting to think that one of the most commonplace appliances in the American kitchen arsenal, the refrigerator, has impacted our lives so heavily. Refrigeration has widened the selection of what we can eat at any given point in… Continue Reading →

Refrigeration Changed… Everything

I had no idea how much refrigeration has changed our lives. The thing that made the most sense to me was how refrigeration has changed our landscape. Not having to live by a farm to get fresh food changes the… Continue Reading →

Frozen Orange Juice?

Tonight’s lecture was a fascinating exploration into the history of refrigeration. There were a lot of interesting outcomes that persisted as a result of the advent of refrigeration that I had never thought of. Among the interesting side effects, we… Continue Reading →

Is Food Natural?

The idea of flavor changing interests me. The definition of ‘good’ meat and other products has been greatly changed with the introduction of refrigeration. Also, the availability of meat and other goods has greatly increased with the presence of refrigerators. Before,… Continue Reading →

Call Me Old Fashioned

        I’m not going to lie, after hearing the lecturer last Tuesday I felt like my trust has been betrayed. Silk Milk has fooled everyone thinking it needs to be refrigerated, but it truly doesn’t. The company… Continue Reading →

Fridges and Fields

I rarely ever think about refrigeration and its effect on society, but for Nicola Twilley it seemed like a hot topic! So I like my fridge? YES! Cold storage is incredibly convenient, and, especially when living in a dorm, very… Continue Reading →

Food Morgue

With the invention of fridges, humans have created an arctic over which they have thermal control. One third of the food in the US is at some pointed refrigerated. In a way a fridge can be seen as a life supporting machine,… Continue Reading →

Cow tunnels in NYC

I found Nicola Twilley’s lecture to be the most intriguing one yet. When she first said she was lecturing about refrigerators, I was highly skeptical and wondering where that topic could possibly take us. At the end of the hour… Continue Reading →

The Idiosyncrasy of the Aeroir

In Rebecca Harding’s short story “Life in the Iron Mills,” Harding writes, “The idiosyncrasy of this town is smoke.” I originally read this story nearly two years ago, yet this line still resonates with me. The concept that we one… Continue Reading →

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