I’m not going to lie, after hearing the lecturer last Tuesday I felt like my trust has been betrayed. Silk Milk has fooled everyone thinking it needs to be refrigerated, but it truly doesn’t. The company knows that people will feel more confident buying its product if it is shelved in the fridges. Seeing at how the Silk Milk company manipulates its products to entice its customers made me realize how much we trust our fridges. Do we trust our fridges too much, or is there more trust that can be put into them? I think we have put too much trust in our refrigerators and as a result have developed a more entitled attitude when it comes to food. Don’t get me wrong I think refrigerators are a great invention. However, in our society people don’t cook as much, waste a lot of food, and take things for granted more easily. Thanks to refrigeration, premade meals are easy to buy, store, and cook. Again, I’m not saying that pre-made meals are bad, but they have turned into the easy option for cooking that sees a lot of us Americans unskilled in cooking for ourselves. Cooking is a great activity that makes one feel so much better about themselves when it’s all done. In terms of waste, I feel like people are buying more things than they really need. For instance, my family buys lots of tomatoes but we only use about half of them before the rest go bad. I know that the waste my family produces could’ve better served other hungry people out there in the world. With the convenience of storing food with these fridges it’s easy to take the things we have for granted. Call me old fashion, but I would much rather live simply by only buying the things I need and learning how to cook food for myself.