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Final Post

First off, everyone’s poster was really well done. The students picked something that interested them and all showed a distinct line between humans and nature. One of the most eye-grabbing posters was the one done by Rachel Bird. “From Cave… Continue Reading →

Cyborgs, Today and Tomorrow

One idea that I found interesting in this week’s lecture was Roger Launius’ suggestion that we are already well on our way towards becoming cyborgs. I had not previously considered that glasses, medications, and hip replacements change humans to the… Continue Reading →

A Plan B?

Space has always interested humans because we want to know everything. It seems as if there is no limit as to how far we can go in order to figure something out. For years we have been sending manned spacecrafts… Continue Reading →

Human Exploration

Human exploration in space has been a topic for generations. We have Star Trek, Star Wars, Interstellar; the list of movies and TV shows involving space exploration could go on forever. The majority of these fictional entertainment shows feature humans… Continue Reading →

Robust Robots

During the cold war era, the space race between the US and the Soviet Union was one of the most dramatic displays of rapid human innovation. Since nasa’s creation in 1958, many technologies originally designed for space have been adapted… Continue Reading →

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