Who is ultimately in charge?

Author Cassandra Biette

Conversations at the Poster Presentation

At the Poster Presentation session, I talked to the following presenters: The Paleo Diet, Katie Chow: Katie told me about the Paleo diet, and the way that humans are trying to improve the function of their own bodies through manipulating… Continue Reading →

The Multigenerational Spaceship

I was intrigued by the idea that Roger Launius brought up about feasible ways to get humans to Mars, when he mentioned the idea of the multigenerational space shuttle.  He posed many questions about this, such as whether or not… Continue Reading →

Passivity and Body Ownership

Professor Tanya Sheehan’s lecture was particularly engaging because of its relevance to pop culture.  She discussed the way that academic art principles were at work in the way that we understand reality TV and mass media, and she even included… Continue Reading →

Activist Intersectionality on Campus

Professor Peterson discussed the anthropocentrism of the anthropocene at his lecture tonight, and one of his main points was about the intersectionality with feminism, racism, classism and similar movements with environmentalism.  He suggested that environmental activists collaborate with other social… Continue Reading →

Poetry and Instagram: Fragmented Stories

Although I know little about poetry and even less about Italian, tonight’s lecture with Professor Cavatorta brought to mind an interesting parallel to today about fragmentation as a way to tell a story.  In the poem Professor Cavatorta showed in… Continue Reading →

Imagination and Higher-Level Thinking

At the beginning of his talk last night, Professor O’Neil mentioned how the ancient Greeks and Romans believed that all living things had a soul.  Therefore, if you cut down a tree, instead of having wood, you would have a… Continue Reading →

The Eye of the Beholder

In tonight’s lecture, as Professor Traub was speaking about his portrait photography and about how he had begun to interview the people he photographed, I immediately thought of Humans of New York, and how the projects seemed very similar.  Later,… Continue Reading →

Masculinity and the Military

I found it interesting during Tuesday night’s lecture to learn about the way that the futurists glorified war, and more significantly, glorified war veterans.  The idea of wounds as superior and attractive and as an ultimate man were very interesting… Continue Reading →

Evolution and Artifacts

Two things stood out to me about last night’s talk, one for each speaker.  First was when Nicola Twilley talked about the way that refrigeration has so radically changed the way we see our food that we no longer have… Continue Reading →

A 500 Year Old Joke

Learning about the deep symbolism that many Renaissance era painters incorporated into their work, and the ways that they used techniques like perspective and shadow to increase the reality of their works reminded me of something I saw when I… Continue Reading →

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