Professor Peterson discussed the anthropocentrism of the anthropocene at his lecture tonight, and one of his main points was about the intersectionality with feminism, racism, classism and similar movements with environmentalism.  He suggested that environmental activists collaborate with other social justice activists, because their agendas are all fairly similar.  At Colby this year, I have been working with other student leaders in the Outing Club to bring these collaborative conversations to campus.  One issue that we have discussed at length is people of color in the outdoors.  POCs are largely underrepresented in the outdoor industry, and we are examining the exclusivity of the outdoors as a space, the lack of an outdoor recreational tradition in POC communities, in a way to make the outdoors more inclusive for all.  We believe that environmental activism comes from a personal connection with the outdoors, so in this way we have worked in collaboration with other organizations on campus that work on issues of race, class and gender.  I think that this project accesses the ideas that Professor Peterson was talking about in his lecture tonight, because it actively bridges activist movements.