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The posters presented today covered such a variety of topics of Human and Nature. It is hard to even compare the posters because the topic and the variety are so different from one another. Human Nature is such a broad… Continue Reading →

Poster Session

The entire semester of ST 197 is closed with an amazing poster session featuring students from the ST 297 class and their incredible research. Out of numerous posters presented, I want to talk about three of them that struck me… Continue Reading →

Final poster session

I am a member of the 297 class that presented posters, but I figured I’d use this forum to comment on a couple of my fellow classmates topics. I greatly enjoyed all the posters but the one that really struck… Continue Reading →

Humans Commercializing Nature, and the Backfires from Manipulating with Nature

During the Student Poster Session, I had walked around to see a few posters, but some that two posters that especially stood out to me were on the topic of “humans commercializing nature” (by Jessica) and “the backfires from manipulating… Continue Reading →

The Consequences of the Slash

The poster presentations were a nice wrap up to the course because they provided even more examples of the multitudes of ways in which the slash between Human/Nature can be interpreted. I was impressed by the variety of ideas and… Continue Reading →

Time, a social construct

One poster that I found particularly interesting was about time, the passage of time, and how we ultimately decided to keep time. It is interesting that keeping track of time is purely a social construct. Of course the sun comes… Continue Reading →

Tomato Tomahto

One of the presenters investigated what Allenby and Sarewitz termed Level 1 and Level 2 technologies. These are technology itself (e.g. phone, Facebook, polio cure, etc. ) and the networks necessary to make technology available on a mass scale respectively.

The Interaction of it All

After seeing all the interesting posters that were presented at the poster session I could not help but ask myself if climate change would cause an increase in terrorism. This question may sound a bit extreme because how in the… Continue Reading →

A Human/Nature Poster Session

A poster session to cap off the semester was held on Tuesday night, featuring many posters by students in the Science, Technology, and Society 297 class exploring different facets of human, nature, and the “slash” in between.  One of the… Continue Reading →

Poster session

ST197 came to a close with a poster session that covered a range of interesting topics. I’ll reflect on a couple of the posters that I visited here. One poster, by Jay, focused on a Bernie Sanders quote that directly tied climate change… Continue Reading →

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