The posters presented today covered such a variety of topics of Human and Nature. It is hard to even compare the posters because the topic and the variety are so different from one another. Human Nature is such a broad topic that it is hard to define and categorize everything that we have covered in this seminar. We have had presentations on fridges and plastic surgery and on art and photographs of people taken on the street. These posters that were presented perfectly summed this all up because they covered such a variety of topics.

One poster commented on how there are different levels at which we all interact with nature. There is the surgical level theta we have in are daily lives and there are two other levels at which we become more and more intwined with nature. We are so intwined with nature that we are affecting it with every move we make. This course has given me a whole new perspective on everything and I am grateful that I decided to take it and have this opportunity to expand my horizons. I now know so much information on a variety of topics all having to do with human and nature.