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Manipulation of the physical apperance

The talk that Professor Sheehan gave on “the visual culture of plastic surgery” was fascinating. It was an interesting topic in the ‘human/nature’ theme, as she compared the ‘natural’ versus the ‘artificial’ rather than making comparing between the physical world… Continue Reading →

The Digital Manipulation of Beauty

I thought Professor Sheehan’s lecture was fascinating because the material it covered is so pertinent in our society today. Although admittedly some of the content about the lengths to which people go to change their looks through cosmetic plastic surgery… Continue Reading →

Doctoring human looks

During professor Sheehan’s talk entitled “Extreme makeover: The visual Culture of Plastic Surgery,” I found it interesting how she referred to the body as a part of visual culture and that an aging body is seen as unnatural.  She pointed… Continue Reading →

Photoshop, Instagram, and the “Ideal Life”

I studied photography for 4 years in high school, so I was particularly interested in Tanya Sheenan’s discussion of Photoshop as a cultural tool and manipulation. In fine art photography, Photoshop is used mostly within the first context of editing… Continue Reading →

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