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Ethics and History of Medical Practices and Wound Healing in WWI

As a biology major and as someone who is automatically wired to think about the mechanical/technical (thinking about the biological mechanisms) aspects of healthcare and medical practice when the topic comes about, learning about the ethical, sociological and historical aspect… Continue Reading →

Culture of wounds

The technology used in the Great War used to kill enemy troops greatly developed between previous wars. The Great War saw the introduction of poisonous gases, the use of full automatic guns as well as previously unseen volumes of artillery… Continue Reading →

The WWI Military Hospital Experience

During her talk, “War and Wounds,” Anna Carden-Coyle, raised the idea that the World War I hospital, with its patients and its nurses, reversed the Victorian dichotomy of the active male and passive female.  Able-bodied female nurses ran the ward;… Continue Reading →

Ana Carden-Coyle and WWI Hospitals

During my sophomore year of high school I was seriously injured during gymnastics practice, and had to have multiple surgeries and years of physical therapy to repair my left arm. The time I spent in the hospital made Ana Carden-Coyle’s… Continue Reading →

Healing and Gender

After Ana Carden-Coyne’s gripping analysis of the physical, emotional, and political effects of wounds during World War I, I found myself fascinated by the role of gender in triage. In medical wards, injured men maintained a compulsory silence through pain,… Continue Reading →

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