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Robots in Space

I thoroughly enjoyed this week’s talk on robots in space. The most thought provoking aspects were the city plans for what life in space might look like. To see a whole plan for a society on a different planet was… Continue Reading →

Robotizing Humans and Humanizing Robots

Roger Launius’s talk on “Robots vs. Humans in Space” was truly thought provoking. The theme on humans and robots (or robotizing human beings) appears to be a re-curing theme, in this series of Human/Nature lectures, and perhaps specifically in this day… Continue Reading →

Narcissism To The Human Condition

Homo sapiens as a species evolved approximately one hundred thousand years ago, as the next logical step succeeding Homo erectus. According to evolutionary theory we as a species were most adapted to survive in those conditions. Why then have we continues to… Continue Reading →

Art Through history

Art has had a huge evolution since humans have been around it has evolved along with us. Humans are the only life forms that make art for pleasure. We make art for pleasure. Looking at art makes us happy and… Continue Reading →

Humans In Space: The Last Frontier

The speaker’s talk was focused on the prospects of human exploration of space. In his talk he outlined a number of issues with Space Exploration. He also suggests a plan that should guide our future extra-terrestrial expeditions.

Out in space: Rebuilding the Human Race

I loved hearing about the possibilities of humans entering into space! It was intriguing how humans would travel to the moon or mars, and what that would look like, and what the risks of that would be. Are humans even meant… Continue Reading →

The Final Frontier

During his talk on whether robots or humans are the best choice for space flight, Roger Launius kept making the point that humans are designed from an evolutionary perspective for a very specific climate. That is one g of gravity… Continue Reading →

Humans are stuck on earth

In Roger Launius’s lecture entitled “Robots Vs. Humans in Spaceflight” he made some thought provoking comments on humans ability to survive in space that I never previously thought about. I found it interesting how many reasons he had to back… Continue Reading →

Cyborgs, Today and Tomorrow

One idea that I found interesting in this week’s lecture was Roger Launius’ suggestion that we are already well on our way towards becoming cyborgs. I had not previously considered that glasses, medications, and hip replacements change humans to the… Continue Reading →

Is space traveling safe for humans?

In this lecture, Mr. Launius enlightened us with pros and cons about humans in space traveling. In many ways, robots/machines are better space travelers than human beings: they are perfect for suicidal missions while it’s immoral to send humans to… Continue Reading →

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