I thoroughly enjoyed this week’s talk on robots in space. The most thought provoking aspects were the city plans for what life in space might look like. To see a whole plan for a society on a different planet was mind blowing. I also have never personally given much thought to life in space, but also have never really even considered it as a possibility in my lifetime. I thought another interesting point was that we have not sent a human to space since the space race in the 1970’s. Space has only been explored by robots since then, but I also thought his point about robots needing human help was an interesting one. A sort of hubris on NASA’s part that robots need human help to function 100% in space. But if that is the case why don’t we just send humans instead? I understand the danger involved, but we successfully did it in the 70’s and technology has drastically improved since then. We better understand physics, astronomy, and most importantly the human body. But with that, is there any good reason to actually send humans to space? The only argument I see is cost efficiency, but cost can’t really be a deciding factor in using humans over robots. I’m doubtful I’ll ever see a human enter space again in my lifetime even with all of the technological leaps and bounds we have made. Space is one place even technology can’t help us get to as humans.