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Human/ Nature in the Anthropocene

Human/Nature in the Anthropocene (lecture slldes) 2015 Anthropocene

Anthropocene: Unparalleled Expansion til Doom

Professor Fleming once asked whether necessity brings about invention or whether invention brings about necessity. This seems to be as fundamental a question to the human condition as: “What is the meaning of life?”

The Anthropocene and the Sublime

While we might like to imagine that “Curating the Anthropocene” is a novel concept, the artistic treatment of the relationship between humans and nature is nothing new. This goes beyond the modern practice of using art to elucidate environmental issues.  In fact, the… Continue Reading →

The Age of Humans

One point of discussion about last week’s Anthropocene lecture that particularly caught my attention is when we described the current era as the “age of humans”. By calling it the age of humans, we actively put ourselves in the center. We, so it… Continue Reading →

The Multiple Faces of Hedonism

One thing which I found fascinating about Professor Fleming’s talk was the comparison of different ways in which people react to the threat of global warming.  He mentioned responses ranging from hedonism to apocalypticism to activism.  I think that any… Continue Reading →

What is natural?

The Anthropocene as defined in the lecture is the “geological time during which human activity is considered to be the dominant influence on the environment, climate, and ecology of the earth.” A quote given by Stewart Brand that intrigued me… Continue Reading →

The Anthropocene–Does It Really Exist?

The the beginning of the Anthropocene— a new, human-dominated age—was a new concept that was introduced to me during Tuesday’s lecture. It appeared odd to me that there we may consider a new age of humans, and only of humans…. Continue Reading →

Is it even possible?

Curating the Anthropocene is the idea that resonated with me most from our first ST197 seminar. I’ve never thought of attempting to showcase humanities entire impact on nature in one space, let alone using only one object to do so…. Continue Reading →

Was Global Warming Worth It? (Probably.)

Our first lecture, and the talk which followed, reminded me of an article titled “Global Warming Was Worth It” (link below) that my Meteorology professor, David Epstein, shared with me during Jan Plan. The article’s author, David Harsanyi, argues that the… Continue Reading →

The Energy Is Running Out, So Are Black Rhinos

The energy is running out, people are screaming. We are doomed with resource crisis, punished by our own wastefulness, scientists warn us. To us modern human beings, it seems that we are, all in a sudden, suffering from the evil… Continue Reading →

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