Who is ultimately in charge?

Author Jay Arr

Narcissism To The Human Condition

Homo sapiens as a species evolved approximately one hundred thousand years ago, as the next logical step succeeding Homo erectus. According to evolutionary theory we as a species were most adapted to survive in those conditions. Why then have we continues to… Continue Reading →

Tomato Tomahto

One of the presenters investigated what Allenby and Sarewitz termed Level 1 and Level 2 technologies. These are technology itself (e.g. phone, Facebook, polio cure, etc. ) and the networks necessary to make technology available on a mass scale respectively.

Anthropocene vs WeAreDestroyingThePlanet-ecene

The anthropocene; the era of human achievement, where man transcended nature and became THE dominant force on Earth. The anthropocene; the final epoch of Earth animate history where man transcended nature and DESTROYED the Earth.

Plastic Surgery….?

Tanya Sheehan spoke on plastic surgery, and its relationship with art and human nature, and the interaction between them all. Her first image was a self-portrait of an artist before she undergoes plastic surgery. This all naturally led to the… Continue Reading →

Humans In Space: The Last Frontier

The speaker’s talk was focused on the prospects of human exploration of space. In his talk he outlined a number of issues with Space Exploration. He also suggests a plan that should guide our future extra-terrestrial expeditions.

Myth or Magic: Fire and Brimstone

Beginning with the Scientific Revolution, the general worldview began to progress towards a mechanistic view. That is to say that humans began to believe that all phenomena had a logical explanation. The mechanistic worldview is in essence the theory of… Continue Reading →

A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words

Charles Traub is a renowned photographer, and he specialized in street photos of people going on their way. Photography as a medium is interesting because it allows the capture of a moment, and eternalizes it for as long as the… Continue Reading →


Professor Ricco’s lecture on futurism was, in reality, quite frightening when one looks at their beliefs. They were interested in destruction, and anti establishment. They were a group of individuals who were anti tradition and were perpetually in search of… Continue Reading →


Mimesis is in essence mimicry. In the lecture, the speaker mentioned the use of Mimesis in Art, as a specialized field. However, I would have to disagree with the idea that it is a specialty. I believe that all art… Continue Reading →

Anthropocene: Unparalleled Expansion til Doom

Professor Fleming once asked whether necessity brings about invention or whether invention brings about necessity. This seems to be as fundamental a question to the human condition as: “What is the meaning of life?”

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