Mimesis is in essence mimicry. In the lecture, the speaker mentioned the use of Mimesis in Art, as a specialized field. However, I would have to disagree with the idea that it is a specialty. I believe that all art is mimesis.

The most interesting thing is that oftentimes Mimetic artists strive to create religious paintings which, is not the mimicry of nature but of the mind of others. Whereas abstract and modern artists strive to recreate the images in their own minds.

No piece of artwork has ever been created without inspiration. All artwork mimics nature or an idea of nature that people have. This is the very nature of art.

We are the creations of nature, who seek to destroy and the recreate nature. It is vital to the human condition. This lecture more than the one before it, was truly penetrating when one considers what is human nature. Vital to human nature is the need for advancement, however it is in this pursuit that we destroy. This destruction in turn drives us to remember that which is lost and lament. It is from this desire that we derive mimesis. Painstaking attention is paid to the detail of a leave, on the long lost tree. Hours are spent drawing the river that once stood in this dam’s place.