Who is ultimately in charge?

Author Roger Stone

Nature’s relation with humans

Although all of the posters I heard about during were interesting, two in particular made me think about and see things in a different light. While listening about J.R.’s poster about the culture of narcissism, he made the comment that… Continue Reading →

Humans are stuck on earth

In Roger Launius’s lecture entitled “Robots Vs. Humans in Spaceflight” he made some thought provoking comments on humans ability to survive in space that I never previously thought about. I found it interesting how many reasons he had to back… Continue Reading →

Shift in Avant Garde Writing Style

During Beppe Cavatorta’s lecture entitled “Re-writing the World: Italian Poetry in the 1960s and 1970,” he discussed the shock of Italian writing that occurred during the new Avant Garde. It is not surprising that there was a large clash in… Continue Reading →

Doctoring human looks

During professor Sheehan’s talk entitled “Extreme makeover: The visual Culture of Plastic Surgery,” I found it interesting how she referred to the body as a part of visual culture and that an aging body is seen as unnatural.  She pointed… Continue Reading →

Anthropocentric environmental ehtics

During KP’s presentation on anthropocentrism and the Anthropocene, he discussed how humans, although capable, rarely use a non-anthropocentric way of viewing the world. In his presentation, KP made references to Val Plumwood; however, there are many other philosophers not mentioned… Continue Reading →

Magic of love

During his talk of human/nature in antiquity, O’Neil pointed out that the same terms are used to describe magic as are used to describe someone in love, which was something that I had never realized nor thought about. He went… Continue Reading →

Making lunchtime

During Charles Traub’s lecture entitled “The Sweet Way,” I found the story behind his book lunchtime interesting and the idea of whether or not it could be duplicated again in modern day intrigued me. When he was first started showing… Continue Reading →

Marinetti’s different ideals

It is amazing to think of how differently Marinetti would follow some of what he said in regards to futurism and would not follow other things. Although he was from Italy, he decided that pasta was a food that one… Continue Reading →

fridges change idea about food

I was very intrigued with the fact that she pointed out people view things as healthier if they are refrigerated. The relationship with the fridge, however, has changed since it was first invented. When first created it was viewed as… Continue Reading →

Images in Poetry

I really liked how professor Plesch pointed out that the purpose of poetry and literature are to represent absent things as being present. I had never really thought about poetry and literature in this way, but it made a lot… Continue Reading →

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