It is amazing to think of how differently Marinetti would follow some of what he said in regards to futurism and would not follow other things. Although he was from Italy, he decided that pasta was a food that one should avoid eating because it is heavy, it slows you down, and it makes you tired. Even though he was the one who proclaimed this, he did not follow this and was seen eating pasta regularly. On the other hand, when it came to topics that should be far more difficult to follow he kept his ideas even after injury. He believed that war was a good thing and volunteered to fight in World War I, and after being sent to the hospital from war wounds, he still thought that war was a good thing and should occur. He believed that war was the only way to bring humans to the next level of evolution. Furthermore, when World War II broke out he wanted to again join the fight but was to old and was not allowed to go to the front lines. He thought that war changed both landscapes and humans in a good way, and that injuries one sustained during war only made one look more beautiful.