The last lecture we had was on futurism, a social movement that focused especially on technology. Futurism was a term that I had heard of before, but never really cared to investigate further. After Tuesday’s lecture, I was interested by the fact that futurists disliked nature. They thought it was missing something and that that something made nature, to their eyes, ugly. This was particularly intriguing to me because I have always thought that nature was beautiful, and it seems that when humans feel as if they are missing something, they go into to nature to find it. Yet futurists believed that nature was bad because it would eventually kill you. They looked at all the things caused by nature, such as plagues, droughts, floods, and death. No one gets out alive, because in nature all things die. So why is that so great? Why is that beautiful? Futurists thought that machines were more beautiful than nature because they were immortal. Machines can not die, and are therefore superior. Futurists would try to express their beliefs in their art, and in order to try to involve the audience that way. Another view that surprised me about futurism was beauty in war. Futurists saw beauty in war because it brought about innovations and advancements in technology, whereas I have always thought of war as an ugly thing. Overall, futurism is an entirely different way of looking at things and one that certainly makes me think, but not one I totally agree with.