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Robo Sapiens?

Why do humans engage in space exploration? Well, robots do too. They are the only things that have actually “set foot” on extraterrestrial surfaces. Humans have only been in orbit. This poses the question of whether robots are human helpers… Continue Reading →


The body is the landscape in which visual culture is imparted. Social constructs promote the standards of beauty. These beauty standards redefine health with the essential counterpart of beauty. The portrayal of gender roles in the Christopher Little photo “Henry… Continue Reading →

Redefining the Present

When I heard the words “civilization is dead” I immediately blamed technology. But technology is not the only thing to be blamed, for humans created it. Human survival relies on the acceptance of our limits and our work to cultivate… Continue Reading →

An Idea

During the 297 class discussion today I thought of an idea for a poster. Many people drew equilateral triangles as the interconnecting lattice between humans, nature, and technology. This structure makes sense as the three points focus on a different… Continue Reading →

“Mother” Nature

“It was like an earthquake returning literature to its foundation.” 5 poets came together to start the Neo-avant-garde movement in order to create a new definition of literature. The clash of two definitions started a revolution in literary style, focusing… Continue Reading →

Nature’s Antiquity

Nature is a part of us whether we want to consider it or not. Artists and historians represent it as a thing needing protection, depicting Gods as its curators. Theorists depict nature through its anthropomorphization, viewing it through a more… Continue Reading →

You are Sodexo

We name our experiences through our thoughts and feelings, but these cognitive processes are caused by our senses. Naming our experiences through our senses, however, extends into a deeper and more complex process. Relationships are the theme of our time,… Continue Reading →

Purely Human

The combination of humans and nature can both be found in the streets. The landscape is set for both artificial and natural settings. The juxtaposition of human and city shows how closely related both are. Traub’s photos show this amazing… Continue Reading →

The Future

Futurism is the celebration of urbanization and technological advances. This is exemplified in the quote “The suffering of a man is of the same interest to us as the suffering of an electric lamp” (lecture). This movement denies the past… Continue Reading →

Redefining Freshness

My favorite room in my house is the kitchen. I check the refrigerator almost every time I go into my kitchen, as I’m sure many other can agree. It is an important part of our lives whether we are aware… Continue Reading →

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