Why do humans engage in space exploration? Well, robots do too. They are the only things that have actually “set foot” on extraterrestrial surfaces. Humans have only been in orbit. This poses the question of whether robots are human helpers or threats? This is dichotomy should be pondered more extensively. In reality, robots have truly done the vast majority of space exploration. Why have we sent robots rather than humans? Well, humans are fragile. We die easily and can’t adapt to such drastic changes in our environments. Not only this, but, these missions are suicidal. Rarely do these robots return to our planet. The problem with sending humans into space is that it costs a lot more money to put systems in place in order to ensure they get back safely. The radius in which human life can extend in the solar system is probably just the moon and mars. However, there is a possibility that interstellar travel could result in finding a place humans can live as we do on Earth. There are a few examples of methods that can be used to travel these distances such as using a vehicle moving faster than the speed of light. These methods are far more difficult than can be imagined. So why do we even care about space at all? Is it to planet hop around the solar system to find a new place for humans to reside? The fact of the matter is that it is 100% inevitable humans will become extinct on planet earth. It could be billions of years from now or just hundreds of years from now. Or even tomorrow, if countries let loose nuclear bombs. This is why space missions should never be stopped. Until humans can become like robots (and be less fragile) – then humans should focus on finding a new place to reside while trying to fix our current planet as is.