Who is ultimately in charge?

Author Grant Lowensohn

Space Travel Issues

Last week, we saw a fascinating lecture from Roger Lanius of the Air and Space museum. He talked about the future of space travel, the movement away from human voyages, and many problems that have arisen with space travel in… Continue Reading →

Beauty as Pain

The last discussion was based on the practice and stigma surrounding the culture of plastic surgery. I thought that an interesting resounding theme from the lecture was the idea that beauty is pain. I think that this is relevant inside… Continue Reading →

Have we really entered the Anthropocene?

Last week’s lecture was very philosophical at times and went far deeper than my limited knowledge of the subject, but the argument that was presented was very interesting nonetheless. The basic idea behind the presentation is that it is not… Continue Reading →

Italian Neo-Avante-Garde and Leopardi

The discussion from this week led me to want to learn more about Leopardi. In the lecture, Giacomo Leopardi was cited as being a poet that wrote about the idea of nature being the enemy of man. Leopardi is also… Continue Reading →

Nature in Art

Last week’s lecture centered on how nature is depicted in art. A corollary to the discussion was on the depiction of the gods in art. For most of the pieces that we were shown, I had a sense that the… Continue Reading →

Charles Traub

This week’s presentation was done by photographer Charles Traub. His projects gave an interesting perspective for our study of human and nature. Instead of relating the two directly, he gave a discussion on the sociology behind how humans relate to… Continue Reading →

The Roots of Futurism

In our last lecture, we talked about the roots of futurism, which has been called the first historical avant-garde movement. It was largely an Italian movement, which was started in the early 1900s. One of the biggest leaders was named… Continue Reading →

Frozen Orange Juice?

Tonight’s lecture was a fascinating exploration into the history of refrigeration. There were a lot of interesting outcomes that persisted as a result of the advent of refrigeration that I had never thought of. Among the interesting side effects, we… Continue Reading →

Nature and Art

This week’s lecture was centered on the representation of nature in art, specifically in the Renaissance period. The part of the lecture that I found most interesting was the section that discussed the use of geometry and its principles to… Continue Reading →

Curating the Anthropocene

The idea that struck me the most about the lecture this week was the idea that there are some that think that the Anthropocene can be gathered together and put into an exhibit. While it is a hot topic that… Continue Reading →

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