Who is ultimately in charge?

Author Mikaela Johnson


Tonight, Katie Chow gave a presentation about the Paleo Diet, which I was very interested in. Today there are so many fads that people follow in order to make themselves look healthier. I have had friends and cousins try to… Continue Reading →


I was particularly interested in the way the speaker talked about robotic exploration, and how while robots been extraordinary helpers in space exploration, robots in movies are almost always portrayed as being threatening (Besides Wall-E which is a great movie… Continue Reading →


I was interested in this talk after having taken a poetry class during my sophomore year here. The speaker talked extensively about how poetry is tool for keeping language alive and revitalizing it. The only way to grasp the understanding… Continue Reading →

Editing pictures

I was intrigued by the idea that cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery overlap in more ways than we typically think- both surgeries make people feel more beautiful and change their social status, and contribute to one’s overall “health.” No matter… Continue Reading →


In last weeks lecture, the speaker talked about the ideas of needing a posthumanism, or nonhumanism (versus a new humanism) in response to the anthropocene. He presented two major ideas that go along with posthumanism/nonhumanism—there is need for a world… Continue Reading →


I was interested in how prominent the belief in magic was in antiquity, especially with relation to love. I was intrigued by the idea that, in antiquity, love was a bad thing- it was compared to madness, disease, and injury…. Continue Reading →


Why do we take pictures, and what do we do with the pictures we take? Over fall break a few of my friends were talking about how a big chunk of our generation takes pictures “for the instagram,” “for the… Continue Reading →

No More Pasta

Coming from a psych perspective, I’m wondering what types of personality traits these futurists may have had, and how their life experiences (successes, failures, etc) have shaped these new views. Where did they stand financially, emotionally, etc? Some of the… Continue Reading →


After last night’s lecture, I’m fascinated by the way that the term “fresh” has changed over time. More specifically, I’m interested in how marketers for certain foods and drinks use the term “fresh” as a tool to appeal to customers…. Continue Reading →

Two paintings

During tonight’s lecture, I was most fascinated by the comparison of the two pieces of art depicting the same scene of the Madonna and the Child. Looking at them placed side by side (as they are actually hung in the… Continue Reading →

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