Coming from a psych perspective, I’m wondering what types of personality traits these futurists may have had, and how their life experiences (successes, failures, etc) have shaped these new views. Where did they stand financially, emotionally, etc? Some of the ideas seemed so silly to be that I wondered how the people who held them actually believed them. For example, in the 1930s there was the manifesto against pasta that was started by Marinetti, the founder of the futurist movement because of the fact that it “makes people sleepy,” and “slows people down.” How can something as simple and random as pasta cause such trouble? In his lecture Professor Gianluca brought up the question “do they really mean what they say, and do they do as they preach?” Were people just creating these odd manifestos in order to spark the warfare they were hoping for, or did they genuinely believe something like pasta was so bad? In other words, was he just egging people on? I’d like to know more about how different people reacted to such bizarre ideas as this one. I’m really just wondering who, if anyone, agreed with this idea, and who actually cared. Very interesting stuff though!