Why do we take pictures, and what do we do with the pictures we take? Over fall break a few of my friends were talking about how a big chunk of our generation takes pictures “for the instagram,” “for the profile picture,” “for my new facebook album,” etc. Sometimes it seems like photography is becoming more of a popularity contest than a hobby. The process between taking a picture and sharing it with the people in our lives seems to be getting more and more complicated- first we have to take a picture, then crop it, then add some contrast, then saturate it, then unsaturated it because it looks TOO colorful, then show it to a friend to see if they think it looks good, then instagram, hashtag, add location, send to facebook, etc. So the picture we take of a leaf is no longer natural, even though it’s of a simple piece of nature. Do you think that this will only get worse as we become more wrapped up in social media and technology? It would be a really interesting experiment to get the original photos of the last 30 instagram posts on my feed. Finally, how does “great photography” today differ from “great photography” 30 years ago?