The combination of humans and nature can both be found in the streets. The landscape is set for both artificial and natural settings. The juxtaposition of human and city shows how closely related both are. Traub’s photos show this amazing relationship. His facial close ups show the lines of emotion etched onto the faces of random strangers, showing how purely human, alive, and energetic each person is. The vibrant background of the life existing beyond the human is behind them. His are innocent photos simple in that they show faces of real people. However, they can be representative of the exploitation of nature. Humans pollute and destroy, seemingly incapable of having any moral consciousness in doing such harm. The innocence of these pictures shows the capability of having morals. The problem with these photos, however, is that when a camera is in front of someones face they put on a mask. They put on a face that is suitable to them and what they feel is suitable for others. When Traub showed closeups of people without their mask on (ie. took their picture without them knowing) it showed people with a whole new character.