In last weeks lecture, the speaker talked about the ideas of needing a posthumanism, or nonhumanism (versus a new humanism) in response to the anthropocene. He presented two major ideas that go along with posthumanism/nonhumanism—there is need for a world where nonhumans will be treated with more respect and a world in which humans are not at the center. I was most interested in the argument that parts of nonhuman nature, for example animals, have intrinsic values that we don’t appreciate as much as we should. For example, the speaker mentioned how animals are slaughtered daily so that we humans can get food that tastes good, and yet we rarely stop to think about how our dietary choices impact the environment. We never respect this “intrinsic value” of animals, but as it turns out they are more central to the environment than we give them credit for. I was also interested by the statement, “Climate change gives a holistic conception of environmental problems,” indicating that everything on this planet matters in some way. Unfortunately it takes us too long to address the problems, as we wait until the negative impacts are tangible and happening to humans.