During KP’s presentation on anthropocentrism and the Anthropocene, he discussed how humans, although capable, rarely use a non-anthropocentric way of viewing the world. In his presentation, KP made references to Val Plumwood; however, there are many other philosophers not mentioned that have anthropocentric views about environmental ethics: they range from a non-anthropocentric ethics as impossible to an anthropocentric idea is fine as long as you are still caring for the environment. Before the presentation, I had heard little of the non-anthropocentric ideas towards nature, thinking that it was almost impossible to create a non-anthropocentric ethical system since one could not actually see the world from another being’s point of view, and I thought anthropocentrism was a completely valid approach. On the other hand, KP included details on how a non-anthropocentric world view could be implemented and reminded us that many non-western philosophers already respect the world in a way that shows they do not have an anthropocentric idea toward nature. Even though my thoughts towards having an anthropocentric environmental ethics basis may not have changed, it was interesting to hear how others were capable of implanting them, and how some of the most nature dominating cultures separate themselves from nature.