During his talk of human/nature in antiquity, O’Neil pointed out that the same terms are used to describe magic as are used to describe someone in love, which was something that I had never realized nor thought about. He went on to talk about how in antiquity love was not considered a good thing and that it was considered a wound, a disease, or madness. The ancients were afraid of magic, and were always suspicious that a lover may have to a spell on their beloved. Part of the reason people feared having a love potion used on them was because they thought that if to much of the potion was given to someone it would kill them, and they had records of wives, who wanted their husband to love them more, giving them to much of a love potion and killing them rather then just making the man fall deep in love. The magic used would not only make the other person fall in love with you, but it would also prevent others from liking them. It was interesting that they could view love with such negative ideas since there are much more rational reasons for someone to like someone else then only if they had a spell cast on them, and if no one fell in love then the civilization would eventually run out of people.