I really liked how professor Plesch pointed out that the purpose of poetry and literature are to represent absent things as being present. I had never really thought about poetry and literature in this way, but it made a lot of sense to me especially since it could be applied to both fiction and nonfiction writings. It can easily be understood by looking at fiction writing because the things that it brings to your mind have never existed before yet you still think of an image when reading nonfiction. It is also surprising to me that  it does a good a job of bringing things that actually happened to your mind with out the need of pictures. In both cases you think you have a pretty good picture of the event in your mind even though you may have never seen the event and in some cases it may have never even happened. It was also interesting to think about, as she pointed out, how poetry may be a better way of having images created for you to see because if it was a painted image it may lead to idolatry, while it would be much harder for that to occur with a piece of poetry especially since peoples images may be different.