One thing that I found very interesting from this presentation was the comparison of poetry and painting. I had honestly not ever put any thought into the similarities and differences between poetry and painting. I think that if someone had asked me before this presentation I would have said that the similarities are that they are both forms of art but one is written and one is visual. The painter Lessi said that painting and poetry are similar in the way that they make “absent things present”. They also both imitate reality. I really liked being challenged to think about painting and poetry in different ways. Da Vinci said that paintings are both at telling the truth and better at telling lies than poetry is. This statement struck me as being sort of ridiculous at first, but then after thinking about it a little bit, I actually think its very true. Paintings can say so much by what they depict, and even the tiniest details are important and help show whatever truth the painter is trying to show. At the same time, paintings can be deceptive because of the way painters can create three dimensional spaces and illusions. I enjoyed this talk because it made me thinking about painting in a different way than I ever had before.