This Tuesday’s lecture gave me an interesting thought about mimesis and the idea of imitation itself. Mimesis is, as I understand it, the idea of art imitating the natural which is an incredibly long standing idea through art. Perhaps because we so often were surrounded by nature before the rise of large cities but whatever the case, we still are very familiar with the this long-standing link between our art and nature. I argue that this bond is still strong today but instead all art seems to be bonded to a human controlled nature. We are presented with nature as calm, pastoral beauty without considering the other aspects of nature that are not concerned with human activity.

Exposure to the images has instilled in us the idea that nature is at it’s most beautiful when it is under human control. These kinds of ideas can affect our mindsets in a negative way, by implicitly saying humans should always look to control nature, instead of letting the natural remain natural. Indeed this art depicting nature is very deceiving as it shows us a different type of nature than what exists around us. This idea of imitation is a very human focused idea so it makes sense that we have problems when think of nature through the lense of art. Instead, we should try to capture more places indifferent to humans in our art so the public can get a better sense of the variety of nature that exists out in the world.