During Beppe Cavatorta’s lecture entitled “Re-writing the World: Italian Poetry in the 1960s and 1970,” he discussed the shock of Italian writing that occurred during the new Avant Garde. It is not surprising that there was a large clash in the two types of literature during the new Avant garde. If there was not a clash in the writing styles then the new movement would not have been dramatic enough to receive mention, and it would have just been considered an evolution in the writing style. However, what did surprise me was the sheer quantity of different types that occurred, many of which probably would not have come into being without the new Avant Garde movement and I am curious of how many of the writing styles are still used often. During his presentation, he said that there were 30 different types of poetry that came up. Some of the types of poetry not only were suppose to be for enjoyment, but they were also suppose to make you ask yourself questions. Not only did the type of poetry change during this time period, but the way in which things began to represent other things started to have a greater role. Nature in particular had many things start to represent other things, like water representing life.