Art has had a huge evolution since humans have been around it has evolved along with us. Humans are the only life forms that make art for pleasure. We make art for pleasure. Looking at art makes us happy and brings us pleasure. I think the best kinds of art remind us of what nature, especially for me. Paintings of landscapes are what really draw my eye and make me happy.

We use art to decorate out homes so that we are surrounded by it. Bare walls seem weird to be after I have grown up surrounded by paintings and sculptures and vases. I have my dorm room decorated with what you could call art. I have a tapestry with a beautiful painting of clouds on it, I love looking at it because it looks like a beautiful sky during a sunset. I have an artistic sign that is my favorite place in the world, a beach on a lake that I spend my summers. I have photographs of mountains in the New Hampshire that remind me of home and some of the places I have been that have made me extremely happy. I surround myself with art that reminds me of nature and places that I have been, miss, and cannot wait to go back to.

Art has evolved in a way that I would have never expected, now our phones are such a source of art. So many apps that we now have and constantly use are linked to art and expression. For example, instagram is an app where you can post pictures that you can edit and make beautiful and eye-catching. You want to post pictures that are artistic and beautiful so that people will see them and like them. Another example is Facebook. People try to take pictures of their lives that people will thing look good and visibly appealing. Each picture that people post is an expression of themselves. I enjoy looking at these apps and know that many others do to. I don’t think that people dont realize that when they are looking at apps like these, they are looking at modern day art and expression.

Lastly, I encounter art in my life from dance. I recently was a participant in a dance show at Colby. Some of the dances were absolutely stunning. My favorite was the one where the dace team at Colby danced to Hoziers song, “work song.” The dance team at Colby is called hipnotik and they are very skilled dancers. They danced some ballet and some modern dance that was so beautiful to look at that it was hard to look away. On top of the dancers performance, many other things contributed to the beauty of it all. The lighting was a mix of orange and yellow that flattered the dancers and the dance moves. Even the costume choice of black dresses helped to create a visually appealing piece of art. Im glad that I have dance as a form of art in my life.