In this evening lecture, we learned about the Italian Neo-Avant Garde movement. The literature that came out of this time was against the establishment. It was a movement away from the old. The works stemming out of this movement aimed to change society. A key component to this movement was the active participation of the viewer or reader. I found that very interesting because it relates to the need of human action to create change. When looking at poems, the physical structure as well as the diction is very important. In Georgio Celli’s poem, A Fragmented Wor(l)d, the physical structure as well as the words convey meaning. The poem relates to the time period because of its post-apocoliptic indications. In the 60s and 70s, there was a fear of life ending as we knew it due to the nuclear threats. While the poem was confusing, it caused the reader to think more about it. Also, I found it interesting that a lot of scientific words were used. It added to the idea that what was happening was part of nature and almost inevitable. Furthermore, there is limited punctuation in the poem. The lack of punctuation causes the reader to decide how the poem itself sounds.