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What would you like for lunch?

He makes a very interesting point which is that nature is very important in allowing “city folk” to feel connected. Nature has a positive and a negative side. His black and white work began on the beaches of Chicago, which… Continue Reading →

Thinking from New Perspectives

I really enjoyed that both of this week’s lectures caused me to think about things I normally don’t contemplate. For instance, like most people, I take the concept of refrigeration for granted. While I am tangentially aware of the changes… Continue Reading →

What would life be without the fridge?

In all honesty, I really cannot imagine how different my life would be without the invention of the refrigerator. What should certainly be considered a modern marvel has become so commonplace that its presence in our kitchens, dorm rooms, convenience… Continue Reading →

Anthropocene: Unparalleled Expansion til Doom

Professor Fleming once asked whether necessity brings about invention or whether invention brings about necessity. This seems to be as fundamental a question to the human condition as: “What is the meaning of life?”

The Energy Is Running Out, So Are Black Rhinos

The energy is running out, people are screaming. We are doomed with resource crisis, punished by our own wastefulness, scientists warn us. To us modern human beings, it seems that we are, all in a sudden, suffering from the evil… Continue Reading →

Relief In Sight?

When I heard about the term Anthropocene for the first time I was both intrigued and scared. What intrigued me about the anthropocene term was that we as humans are the cause for much of the extinction due to all… Continue Reading →

Nearing A Cliff

Reading others’ posts and hearing the discussion in the lecture, it seems like there is much worry about the Anthropocene coming to an end, humans nearing an ever imposing cliff, like a car never able to stop. The underwater sculpture… Continue Reading →

Curating the Anthropocene

One aspect of this week’s lecture that I found particularly interesting was the mention of museum exhibits and curating the Anthropocene. Because we are currently creating the Anthropocene, the way we portray it to ourselves could have quite an impact… Continue Reading →

Defining the beginning of the Anthropocene

When considering the possibility of a new epoch in the geologic timescale of the earth, it is both important yet challenging to attempt to determine when this new epoch began. The beginning of the Anthropocene, as it is known, could… Continue Reading →

A new word for me: Anthropocene

While I had encountered some of the concepts Professor Fleming engaged with during his talk, “Human/Nature in the Anthropocene,”  the word “Anthropocene” was brand new to me. To put the time we are living in, and the era of humans as the dominant… Continue Reading →

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