When I heard about the term Anthropocene for the first time I was both intrigued and scared. What intrigued me about the anthropocene term was that we as humans are the cause for much of the extinction due to all our crafty inventions and waste. Yet, for that same reason I was terrified knowing that there might be a day in which i would no longer recognize the clear and wild creeks I grew up with back in Missouri due to humanity’s harmful actions. This begs the question of who should be in charge of overseeing or leading efforts to reverse our negative impact on our planet. Ideally, every country should strive to keep the earth clean; however, with the refugee crisis in Syria and Greece struggling to fix their financial system, it would be unrealistic to expect this. Countries like the United States and Germany should be leading the anti-anthropocene movement because the world looks up to these countries and trust them. It also helps that they have the money to spend on such efforts. It would seem rather difficult for countries like Greece to lead these efforts because such a project would need a lot of money. However, another option the world could chose would be to form an alliance of geoengineers from around the globe to solve our environmental problems.