The body is a vehicle for inquiry and discovery. Amazement is a motivation for bodily discovery. Reimagining our relationship to the natural world. Students are activists of the world – fellow students are those who you will see for the rest of our lives. There are two themes: body is earth (not separate but same); Movement and Dance are essential. The 70% of the body that is water is made up of water from this region, and the minerals and nutrients that make up the rest of the body, are from this region as well. Essentially, the body is made up of where it is. Feel where you connect to the earth – locate yourself, and feel where you are. Knowing that you are standing on the same ground as an opponent, colleague, or friend is a great place to begin. Breathe deeply and fully. Condition your body for most efficient and maximum capacity. Imagine the relationship to ourselves as well as the earth around us. The body is a necessity in negotiations. 90% of the movement in the body throughout the day is inhibited – sitting through meetings without demonstrating frustration, sitting through class in a respectful pose, these are both inhibited behaviors. Remember to see everything, and don’t get stuck seeing things in one way.