In Kerill O’Neil’s talk on Human/nature in antiquity, he explored many topics including witchcraft, sorcery, and sexuality. In many instances he discussed these topics in a gendered way. It was interesting to see how men versus women’s roles were seen in antiquity. In particular he talked about witchcraft as a way of making someone fall in love with you. In antiquity it is as if what we consider a natural, human thing, love, is being considered as this supernatural, out of human control entity. It is also interesting to consider how in today’s world we use words like enchanting or charming to describe people’s looks or personalities when we are attracted to them. Using charming to describe someone is painting them as someone that has control over emotions and attraction. It is basically calling them manipulative. Witchcraft was seen as this suspicious act in antiquity. An act that let you dominate the forces of nature for some benefit. Nature has always been something that we as humans have thought we can dominate. In today’s world we mostly use technological advancements to achieve this. Then, they had to use what the couldn’t explain to dominate nature, which in this case was witchcraft.