I found this talk to be one of the most interesting ones we have had so far. I know nothing about ancient Greek and Latin history so I found this talk to be really interesting. First of all, I had no idea how sexual the gods and goddesses were! So much of the gods and goddess’s magic and energy was focused on being able to have sex with someone! I feel like if we had gods and goddesses today, sex would probably be a taboo topic because of how obsessed our culture has become with being “politically correct”. Also, I never knew where the idea of voodoo dolls came from and I don’t think that I ever would’ve thought that they came from Greek and Latin history. And they were so cruel! Physically and emotionally torturing people! I was surprised with the amount of cruelty. They also did not think of love as a positive thing. Love was compared to wounds, diseases, and madness. I think that if all of the magic and trickery and torture that happened with love happened today as well, I probably wouldn’t of think of love as a positive thing either!