During professor O’Neill’s lecture on the Human/Nature relationship in antiquity, he talked about the ancients having a much different relationship with the world around them compared to today. People’s idea of the world was more influenced by religion and legends, as those offered explanations for the the un-explainable before  modern science. Gods and other deities protected nature and trees. Poets and other writers used this for inspiration in poems, and this is how most people in cities learned about life in the country. Nature was personified, as the forces behind the workings of the natural world were often thought as beings that resembled humans. People back then felt more connected with the world around them for a few reasons. One being with less technology, people become more dependent on basic resources and ways of doing things. The second, and arguably more important, was the fact that with the anthropomorphizing of nature  and the literature of the time, the natural would seemed seemed more serene and like there more basic and easy than it was in reality. Back then, the average opinion of nature seemed to be more idealized, and the average person was more in tune with the beauty of nature.