Plastic surgery was a field pioneered to help those who were disfigured in some way or another, and to help them become appear “normal” once again. Originally most the patients were maimed soldiers, but as time went on the field began to take on a new, more vain, focus. As people began to see the potential for improving how one looked through surgical means, plastic surgery started to emerge in the modern sense. Today, plastic surgery is the only field of medicine that has clients instead of patients. While reconstructive surgery still exists, the focus of the field is to improve the beauty of the patients in a very unnatural way. Since the same procedures are done over and over again to different patients, most end up with similar results all based on a standard idea of beauty. Most of the people who get plastic surgery end up looking creepily similar to one another. In media and modern culture, we tend to be presented one idea of beauty that is unrealistic and unnatural, and most often unattainable. As people in the spot light spend more time under the knife and utilize things like Photoshop to make their appearances better, the public’s idea of beauty is becoming more unrealistic and more unnatural.