As humans, the center of the world will always be ourselves: we experience the outside world through our brains and cognitive thinking. The individual will always be the center of their existence because they experience the world through their own eyes. On the scale of a whole society, this propagates into a human centered attitude: anthropocentrism. We assumed we were the most important thing on the planet, and in more recent years this attitude is changing. We have recognized the asymmetrical, one way dependence in which we exist. We rely on the natural resources around us, but Nature has never needed humans and would probably be better of with out us. Humans have already set up infrastructure all over the planet, taken resources as needed, and have left their mark on every corner of the globe. Many people have ignored the intrinsic value of nature, but it had always been expressed through the arts and humanities. In the beginning of professor Peterson’s lecture he quoted Scranton, saying “We need a new humanism- a newly philosophical humanism, undergirded by renewed attention to the humanities”. We need to realize we are only part of a larger whole, humans are only one species out of thousands. Its time we put more importance on non-humans and lessen our consumer desires.