Traub’s work comments on some truly human behavior. He goes out and takes pictures of people that are interesting to him, his interest could be sparked by clothing choice, unique appearance, or anything else that stands out to him.He says that most people are willing to have him take their picture because they are so flattered. I think that this is such an interesting comment on human behavior as people feel important when you notice them. We as humans seem to crave attention from others, it makes us feel important and as if we are interesting. That is why Traub’s work and sites like Humans of New York are so interesting, it gives us a little snapshot into the life of someone you might not take the time to notice in passing, as it is so easy to overlook the millions of strangers we might come into contact with. These type of projects humanize strangers for me. It gets me thinking that everyone around us has just as much going on in their minds as we do. I think that it is so easy to forget that we are completely consumed in our own lives, I know that I defiantly can get so wrapped up in my own goings on that I forget that everyone else is doing the same.