Fridges have been such a constant in my life that I have never acknowledged the extent to which fridges have changed the food industry and how we feed ourselves. An appliance that that has only recently in human history become a mode of food preservation has become such a necessity that almost every college student has their own personal mini fridge for convenience and easy accessibility to fresh food. It seems like overkill when there is a dining hall, but makes getting food very convenient.

I found it interesting that you can look inside someone’s fridge and be able to tell a lot about him or her. I make me wonder what my fridge says about me. My fridge is not the most exciting fridge. If someone that didn’t know me opened my fridge and looked in it, they would know right away that I don’t eat all of my meals out of it. It contains a jug of water (which takes up most of the space), almond milk for my coffee, a couple sodas, and cheese. I don’t keep a lot of food in my fridge because I find it so easy to just run to our dining halls if I am ever hungry.