I have always looked at plastic surgery as a good thing. When I was younger, my mom had breast cancer and had to undergo a mastectomy. She had reconstructive plastic surgery so she could go back to the way she looked before after plastic surgery. many people have to undergo reconstructive plastic surgery, just so they are able to return their bodies to normal. It is interesting to see how far science has come in its  ability to reconstruct the human body. I recently read that a man got a full face transplant after having his original face burned off in a fire. It was the first full face transplant ever done in medicine.

I believe that plastic surgery is given a bad name by the people that overdo it. I think if someone really does not like something in their body, and they decide to change it, that can be a positive experience for them. It also can show someone that an insecurity they have may not be the only problem they have with themselves. Some think that plastic surgery can be a quick fix for insecurities, and as soon as they get work done that they will be transformed into a more confident person.