I connected the lecture this week to a movie I recently watched called Ex Machina. This movie is a british sci-fi about a programmer named Caleb who wins a trip to the home of the companies’ CEO. Caleb finds himself drawn to a robot created by the CEO who possesses artificial intelligence that make her eerily like a real human. Caleb slowly starts to trust the robot and treat her like any woman he would develop feelings for. He even starts to believe what the robot is says opposed to what his CEO says, putting more of his trust in the hands of artificial intelligence.

Technology in the coming years is going to create more and more advanced robots, to the extent that we may not be able to differentiate them from humans. This is the scary point that hat the talk touched upon. A society that robots are such a part of seems unnatural for me. It takes science too far. At the same time, maybe we have already come gone too far. Our phones and computers are extensions of our bodies. We are unable to function without them with us. Are human beings to be utterly dependent on robots next?