Just before many of us returned home for November break, I had the opportunity to sit down with Ana Carden-Coyne, a well known Manchester professor who was very interested in the effects of war on people. She had been putting together a presentation about the past hundred years of war called the Sensory war that focused on artistic interpretations of war, especially on soldiers. It was an immense project that contained a great variety of different piece of art that came together to make an interesting exhibit. I was impressed with the great variety of piece that comprised the exhibit as she had visual media pieces, right next to recent photographs, across from hundred year old paintings of WWI. Not only was the description of the exhibit interesting in a conventional sense but there was also another aspect of the exhibit that I found very interesting and that was the pervasive air of failure that was throughout the exhibit.

I do not mean to imply that I thought the project was a failure but instead that it was able to effectively demonstrate the horrors and failures of war to a waiting audience who were actually interested. As I was focusing for my final project on failure, I thought that this artistic angle to the whole problem of war was truly inspired and I thought that I would use her exhibit within my own project on failure. My dinner with ana carden coyne was amazing as I became so much more intrigued as to artistic representations of war as well as the power that failure can have to pull the audience into a piece of work.