One thing that I found really interesting about futurism is that they do not like nature. I feel like nature is something that is so beautiful that even if you don’t really like it, you can still enjoy it. However, I guess I have never really thought about the darker side of nature like plagues, draughts, and famines. If those things were the only part of nature that I saw, I would probably think badly of nature. I still can’t really wrap my head around not appreciating nature at all though. Also, I find it really interesting that futurists wanted human to be more like machines. I think that nowadays, there is a complaint that humans are becoming too machine like. We are constantly on our phones and using technology, moving quickly, and multitasking. I often hear people saying that they wish they could slow down and have more human interaction, and even to be without technology for a day or two. I wonder if futurists would feel this way if they were living in the current times, or if they would like the way the world is now. I think people usually want what they don’t have, so I wonder if futurists would have come up with something different if they were living now instead of the early 1900s.