We celebrate nature in are all the time, most memorably during the Impressionist movement in the late 19th century. This movement followed the industrial revolution that arguably was the start of the Anthropocene. During this period human population increased drastically as well as having a huge negative impact on the environment. Unsurprisingly Impressionism focused solely on nature and wildlife.

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We photograph nature all the time but will what we photograph change more as we enter the Anthropocene? As we watch the environment decay it may cause changes in our artistic habits, we already celebrate nature on common social media outlets. But the nature of our art may change, at what point will our natural art be for celebration or for recording nature? Many naturally beautiful places on earth are starting to feel the cost of our industrialization and climate change. What we photograph may not exist or be as nice in the future.

All that may exist of species is the art depicting those species and the text books describing their morphology but they are actually extinct. .

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I didn’t really have an argument when writing this blog or final point but to put down my thoughts in word and consider what we will paint when there is nothing left to paint.