In Beppe Cavatorta’s lecture I was intrigued with Giorgio Celli’s “Il Pesce Gotico”. This poem caught my attention for a few reasons. First, the structure of the poem is unusual because it is not formatted in the traditional way. The poem is structured very randomly with a series of stanzas shaped together to form a circular pattern. Second, each stanza seemed unique and did not connect with any other stanza. Thirdly, the poem had some classical references which automatically grabbed my attention because I just love the Classics.  After discussing Celli’s poem in class, we came to the conclusion that he wanted his readers to feel confused, and I think he did that perfectly. Not just because of what he wrote, but because of how he presented it, how he crafted his piece of art without any traditional rules to restrict him. I felt like this poem really captured the essence of the neo avant-garde because of these reasons. This avant-garde movement really broke away from the traditional literary mold. Just look at the way Celli formatted his poem. The movement really wanted to play with the new world that surrounded it because it was a blank canvas just waiting for someone to fill it in with a picture. With that being said the neo avant-garde did look towards the past for some inspiration, which is why we get classical references periodically. This avant-garde will definitely be remembered for its new outlook on literature and its use of presentation to enhance the message its writer tries to convey.